What Is Pregnancy Discrimination?

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Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time for you as you await the addition to your family. It’s a time when you may still be working as you prepare for the financial situations you may encounter, and unfortunately, there are some issues you may have to deal with.

In many situations, an employer may commit pregnancy discrimination against you and make decisions based on your pregnancy. It’s important to know what this is, how it occurs, and what your rights are when you encounter it.


Pregnancy discrimination occurs when an employer makes decisions based on your status as a pregnant woman that impacts your standing within the company. For instance, if you plan on taking maternity leave and your boss makes the decision to let you go before that, it may be shown that his or her decision was based on the pregnancy.

Similarly, if your boss denies you a promotion or raise for the sole reason that you are pregnant, this also constitutes pregnancy discrimination.

In any case where your boss discriminates against or harasses you because you are pregnant, know that you have options to pursue compensation for any wrongdoing.


One potential problem arising from pregnancy discrimination is the possibility of an employer denying accommodations in the workplace. If your pregnancy has resulted in you needing accommodations to your workspace; if your boss does not properly make an effort to accommodate for your needs, you may be able to speak with a lawyer to discuss your rights.

In some situations, you may file a claim against your employer for wrongful termination, harassment, or any other situation to obtain money, as well as reinstatement. However, it’s vital to speak with an attorney to help you understand your rights.

At Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP, we care about your rights. As a pregnant woman, you should not have to deal with the problems an employer can create because of your situation. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers are prepared to help you through the process.

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