Common Situations in Which Discrimination Occurs

Discrimination is something that should never be tolerated in the workplace, but it does unfortunately happen. In many situations, you may have your rights as an employee infringed upon because your employer makes a decision based on age, race, gender, or any other protected classification.

Knowing the common situations in which discrimination can occur can help you recognize your rights as an employee. Here are just a few of the situations you may encounter and your rights if they happen.

Hiring and Firing Decisions

When you’re looking for a job or you find yourself in a position where your job is on the line, you expect that your skill and performance are the main criteria to protect your employment. Unfortunately, some employers make decisions based off characteristics.

If you are passed over for a job or you are terminated based on your gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or other protected class, you have legal rights.

Promotions and Raises

Unfortunately, employers can make decisions regarding promotions and raises based on age or gender. For instance, if you don’t receive a promotion because you are younger than someone else, but your skills and performance warrant the promotion, this situation can be discrimination.

Working Conditions

Discrimination laws prevent employers from making decisions based on your medical condition or other characteristics. If your employer puts you in a difficult working condition in an effort to make it more problematic for you, they are discriminating against you for an unjustified reason.

Know that there are laws in place to prevent you from experiencing discrimination in the workplace. If your employer does anything without proper warrant and simply makes decisions on your characteristics, you have options to file a discrimination complaint against the responsible party.

Whether your employer, supervisor, or coworker discriminates against you, our Los Angeles employment attorneys can help. At Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP, we’ll be the voice you need to stand up to your employer for the wrongs done against you.




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