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Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our track record of successful case results. Our attorneys have secured numerous favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients in a variety of practice areas. We are proud to have helped countless individuals and families in their time of need, and we are ready to do the same for you.


Jury Verdict In Sutter County Superior Court against the County of Sutter, Sheriff’s Department (CVCS19-0000737). This case involved disability-related medical leave & sexual harassment. Click here to learn more about this case.


Settlement for a construction site injury.


Arbitration Win for a hospital nurse fired because of a disability. Link to the full award documentation.


$19/hr worker fired after returning to work from surgery.


Settlement for a premises liability injury.


Class action settlement resulting in significant gains for low earning employees.


Verdict for a mild traumatic brain injury.


$21 per hour who worked only for 6 months and fired after needing time off for knee surgery when the company ultimately closed 1 year after termination.


$1.5 million settlement trip and fall injury in an office building.


$1.475 million settlement for disability medical leave related wrongful termination.


Arbitration win for a factory worker fired after attempting to return from medical leave. Click here to learn more about this case.


$10.50 per hour fast food worker sexually harassed by manager who quit when nothing was done to stop it.


$12.50/hr. temp. staffing agency worker fired after becoming pregnant.


$1.225 million verdict for a rear-end car crash with $100 in property damage.


$1.1 million for wrongful termination because of sick son.


$1.01 million for a disabled worker who was wrongfully terminated by his employer.


5 year employee out on medical leave for about 2 years loses his job when he attempts to return to work from medical leave.


Settlement for a woman who required a neck surgery because of an injury on a property.


$1 million settlement for Uber/Lyft/rideshare car crash.


$1 million settlement for motorcycle crash victim suffering from a brain injury.


For Wrongful Termination While on Medical Leave


Settlement for Disability-Related Wrongful Termination


Class action settlement for fast food employees deprived of full wages earned.


Settlement for Pregnancy & Disability-Related Wrongful Termination


For Employee Fired While on a Pregnancy-Related Leave of Absence


5 month employee earning $12/hr fired for missing time for work related to a disability.


Verdict for Premises Liability


For Car Accident With a $45k Best Offer


Settlement for Disability Related Wrongful Termination


For Wrongful Termination Related to Medical Leave of Absence


For Employee Not Allowed to Return to Work After Brief Medical Leave


To Restaurant Employees for Off the Clock Work


For Employee Fired for Having Permanent Disability


For Missed Lunch Breaks and Termination Based on Eye Condition (Disability)


For Permanently Disabled Employee


For Sexual Harassment


Settlement for Slip and Fall


For Employee Not Permitted to Return to Work While Disabled


Settlement for Injury at Apartment Complex


For Employee Fired After Presenting Her Doctor’s Report Upon Returning From Medical Leave


For Wrongful Termination of Disabled Worker


To Restaurant Employees for Rest and Meal Break Violations


For Employee on Pregnancy Leave


For Landscaper Fired for Taking Time-off for Surgery


For Factory Worker Replaced While on Year Long Medical Leave of Absence


For Employee Fired After Requesting Time Off to Nurse an Injury


For Employee Fired for Taking Pregnancy Leave


For Employee Fired While on Extended Medical Leave


For Wage & Hour Disputes


Employee Not Allowed to Work With Disability


For Overtime, Rest and Lunch Break Violations Against Client Who Worked as Dishwasher.


For 59 Year Old Cook Fired for Age


For Employee on Work Restrictions Fired for Having an Expired Work Permit


For Employee Fired for Performance Issues While on Medical Leave


For Parking Attendant Fired for Missing Work Because of His Diabetes




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