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Holding medical professionals accountable.

When you visit a doctor, you have the right to expect a reasonable standard of care. You put a lot of trust in medical professionals to diagnose and treat you properly. When a medical professional makes a negligent mistake or fails to take the proper course of action, he or she must be held accountable.

At Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP, we handle medical malpractice cases involving:

  • Birth injuries
  • Doctor or nurse error/negligence
  • Emergency room mistakes
  • Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis
  • Flawed treatment
  • Prescription errors
  • Surgical errors

If you or someone you love has suffered due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other health care facility, you have the right to seek compensation. The Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP can help you fight for justice.


If you had a negative experience with a healthcare provider, you may be unsure if your situation actually qualifies as medical malpractice. You’re probably wondering if you have any legal options to pursue justice.

Our medical malpractice attorneys in Los Angeles are happy to review your case and help you determine if malpractice occurred. We are dedicated to holding doctors, hospitals, medical centers, and plastic surgery offices accountable for their actions or failure to act.

You may have been the victim of medical malpractice if:

  • You were discharged from the hospital too early
  • Your doctor made a mistake during surgery or performed an unnecessary surgery
  • Anesthesia was misused
  • A doctor failed to diagnose your condition within a reasonable amount of time
  • You were prescribed the wrong medication
  • Your doctor misread or misinterpreted your test results

These are just a few common examples of medical malpractice, which can be carried out in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, if a medical professional failed to meet a reasonable standard of care, they can be held liable for your personal injuries.

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