Who is Guilty When Harassment Occurs?

Harassment is one of the more unfortunate situations that occurs in a workplace because it creates a hostile work environment for victims and others around the situation. Harassment occurs in a number of different ways from a number of different parties.

For those who are the victims of harassment, understanding how to deal with the situation, knowing what legal action you can take, and holding the guilty party accountable is some of the most important things you can do.

Want to know who is considered guilty when harassment occurs? Our Los Angeles employee rights attorneys explain what to look for and who you may be able to take legal action against in a lawsuit.

A Third Party

In some situations, employees often work with third party companies and vendors in order to complete their daily jobs. It’s also these same individuals who may be responsible should they make inappropriate sexual advances or comments to an employee of the company with which they work.

When an employee of a vendor makes a specific comment or advance, they may be considered guilty and if their employer knows, they may also share in the guilt.

A Co-Worker

Harassment can also come from someone you work closely with on a day-to-day basis. For instance, someone in your department or someone you often see around the office making harassing comments your way or touches you in an unwanted manner.

An Owner / Employer

Oftentimes, it’s the employer at a company who is the one responsible for making unwanted advances towards an employee or making an inappropriate joke. Furthermore, an owner or employer of a company can also be responsible if they knew of another employee harassing you, but took no action to stop it from happening.

Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP understands what harassment is, how it occurs, who is responsible, and what legal options victims of harassment have to hold the guilty party accountable. This means we’re ready to help you take the action necessary to seek compensation.




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