$10 Million Dollar Verdict for Woman Who Was Sexually Harassed at Sheriff’s Department & Fired After Disability-Related Medical Leave

Attorney Jacob Nalbandyan Secures Multi-Million Victory Against County Sheriff’s Department

Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP is proud to announce a $10 million verdict on behalf of a client who had been sexually harassed for years by a superior at the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department. The monumental recovery is a success for victims of sexual harassment and wrongful termination across the state and throughout the country.

As the co-founder of Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP, Attorney Jacob Nalbandyan passionately levels the playing field between hard-working, everyday employees and multi-million dollar corporations. As a sharp litigator, he understands the complexities of employment and labor law. Millions of dollars have been recovered on behalf of his clients across Southern California. In the past, he has represented a wide variety of victims who suffered wrongful termination, resulting in settlements of $1.1 million, $1.4 million, $3.3 million, and more.

Jacob Nalbandyan of Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP is honored to have represented Maria Olga Tahara in this egregious case of harassment and abuse. If you or a loved one has been wrongfully terminated, contact our office at (213) 232-4848 for a free, confidential consultation. 

Fighting for the Rights of Those Wrongfully Terminated

Maria Olga Tahara worked as a correctional officer within the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department. Over the course of two years, she was continuously harassed by her superior, the Officer In Charge at the county jail. 

Ms. Tahara endured unthinkable sexual harassment, including flagrant comments, gestures, and overtures. Eventually, the abuse escalated to physical touching. Despite our client coming forward with the abuse to the administration, nothing was done. The harassment directly affected her mental health, resulting in debilitating anxiety. 

She was diagnosed with a mental health disorder by her health care provider and advised to take a medical leave of absence from work. Within a month and a half, the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department fired Ms. Tahara, destroying her career in law enforcement. The wrongful termination sent our client into a deep depression.

Multi-Million Dollar Recovery

At trial, Attorney Nalbandyan and his co-counsel were able to prove that the county’s firing of Ms. Tahara was unlawful. They were also able to show that she suffered extensive damages as a result of the harassment she endured for years at the hands of her supervisor. 

The jury returned a rightful verdict, with compensation fully encompassing the economic and non-economic losses she underwent as a result of their illegal and detrimental actions. In total, the jury awarded past economic losses of over $370,000, future economic losses totaling nearly $800,000, and over $1.3 million for her pension that was lost due to the wrongful termination. The jury further determined that Ms. Tahara was entitled to past and future non-economic losses of over $7,500,000.

The Relentless Pursuit of Justice

Ms. Tahara was fired in retaliation for coming forward about allegations of sexual assault and abuse. This cannot happen. Men and women deserve to work in a safe environment, free from harassment. 

A worker should never be terminated for coming forward and trying to put a stop to this kind of appalling behavior. Too often, victims of workplace sexual harassment are silenced by superiors or are too afraid to come forward for fear of being fired. 

At Levin & Nalbandyan, we believe that employers must be held accountable for the wrongful termination of their employees. For over 30 years, we have fought to protect the rights of workers in Los Angeles and throughout California. We believe that no person should have to tolerate and endure these atrocities.

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