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Rental electric scooters, such as those offered by Bird and Lime, provide an eco-friendly and quick alternative to traditional modes of transportation. Using a phone app, you can locate a nearby scooter, unlock it, and ride it to your destination. Although they are convenient, the scooters pose potential risks to riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers who share the same space. Mechanical defects, road hazards, and/or distracted drivers can all cause accidents that could result in serious injury.

If you were in an accident involving an electric scooter, whether you were riding it or collided with someone who was, our personal injury attorneys at Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP will provide legal representation to guide you through the complicated process of filing a claim against the responsible party. We have decades of combined legal experience and have successfully recovered millions of dollars for accident victims. Our Los Angeles scooter accident lawyers will be committed to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve.


Bird and Lime scooters fall under California Vehicle Code § 21225, which governs motorized or electric scooters.

According to VC § 21225, riders must follow these rules in order to operate an electric scooter:

  • Have a valid driver’s license or permit
  • Use the bike lane (riders are prohibited from riding on the sidewalk)
  • Wear a fitted helmet regardless of age
  • Park the scooter away from pedestrian traffic, including sidewalks or walkways.
  • Do not carry packages or objects that prevent the rider from having at least one hand on the handlebars.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit of 15 miles per hour.
  • Do not ride with more than one person on the scooter
  • Do not attach the scooter to another vehicle.

If you were injured by a Bird or Lime rider who failed to follow the law, contact our Los Angeles attorneys for more information to how to seek compensation.


Because many different factors can cause accidents, various parties can be held liable, including scooter riders, others on the road, or the scooter company or manufacturer. To recover compensation for losses, you must prove that the at-fault party’s negligence resulted in an accident.

Our Los Angeles electric scooter attorneys have extensive experience assessing accidents and can thoroughly investigate your case to determine liability and seek maximum compensation on your behalf.


There are numerous different parties that can be held accountable after an accident for the damages that occur. Some of the parties include:

  • Rider – If a pedestrian is hit by a scooter, the rider is likely at fault for the damages if negligence is deemed to be the cause. Some of the types of negligence would be:
    • Speeding
    • Failure to brake
    • Distracted riding
  • Driver of the motor vehicle – In the case of an accident between a motor vehicle and an e-scooter, the driver can be held liable if he or she is found to have been driving in a negligence fashion.
  • E-scooter company – In the case of a faulty device, the company that manufactured the scooter can be found liable.
  • Pedestrian – If the accident was the result of a pedestrian’s negligence, such as walking while distracted while looking at their phone, they may be held liable.

If you need assistance knowing who to file a claim against, our team can help you hold the faulty party liable.


Electric scooters can travel up to 15 mph, which can be dangerous when the rider is navigating California’s crowded streets. Any number of factors could result in an accident. The most common causes of electric scooter accidents include:

  • Unsafe use by riders: using scooters on sidewalks instead of bike lanes, riding with multiple people on one scooter, using scooters in prohibited areas
  • Mechanical failures: brake malfunctions, defective batteries, wheel locks, loose handlebars
  • Road hazards: potholes, raised ground, water on roads, construction zones
  • Pedestrian/bike/vehicle collisions: attempting to avoid scooter riders, distracted driving
  • Improperly stored scooters: trips and falls over scooters left on walkways, in front of buildings, or in vehicle parking spots

No matter the cause of a scooter accident, a lawyer in Los Angeles could help determine eligibility for a lawsuit.

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