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We help California firefighters get compensated for their injuries.

A firefighter’s job constantly places them in dangerous situations that have the potential to cause serious, devastating injuries. These brave individuals make great sacrifices by putting their health on the line in name of protecting their communities.

In the state of California, all firefighters who suffer an injury while performing their job duties are eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits. Firefighter apprentices, volunteers, and part-time employees are also eligible to claim workers’ comp benefits.

Injured firefighters can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits that can be used to pay for:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Temporary & Permanent Disability

Surviving family members and dependents of a firefighter who dies on the job can also claim death benefits on behalf of their loved one.

If you are a firefighter and you have suffered an injury at work, you should immediately speak with our team of Los Angeles firefighter workers’ compensation lawyers. We can review your case and make sure you properly file your claim for worker’s comp benefits. Although you might be eligible for workers’ comp benefits, actually obtaining them can be a difficult task that is best handled by a lawyer who is familiar with workers’ comp laws.


Because the job of a firefighter is inherently dangerous, California’s workers’ compensation laws have been made to cover a number of different injuries and illnesses that a firefighter might experience on the job.

This type of coverage goes beyond injuries associated with fighting a fire and also covers injuries that might be caused by other everyday work activities. This includes injuries sustained from training exercises, equipment maintenance, office work, and more.

California’s workers compensation laws also cover illnesses that develop from working as a firefighter for a long period of time. Cancer, lung problems, heart conditions, tuberculosis, and pneumonia are a few examples of injuries that might develop over time from working as a firefighter. An attorney in Los Angeles could explain the injuries covered by workers’ compensation for firefighters.

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