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Autoworkers employed by an automaker are tasked with a variety of duties in the average day. From overseeing assembly lines to inspecting final products, the tasks of an autoworker can be inherently dangerous. Matters are all the worse if an employer or supervisor is not dedicated to workplace safety and accident prevention protocols.

Regardless of liability for the accident, you should be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits if you get hurt while working as an autoworker.

Get help sorting through workers’ comp law and preparing your claim. Come to Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP, and our Los Angeles auto workers’ compensation lawyers. Beyond just assisting with initial filings, we are also capable of filing appeals for denials and representing you in court, if need be.


Auto manufacturing plants have many things happening all at once and at any given time. Workers need to be well aware of their surroundings in order to reduce their chances of being hurt in a work-related accident. Some of the most dangerous hazards will be present around heavy machinery and assembly lines onsite.

Injuries that may be suffered by an autoworker include:

The amount of workers’ compensation benefits collected and for how long will depend on the injury suffered by the employee. An autoworker in Los Angeles who suffers even just minor injuries is still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for so long as they need to recover and cannot complete regular work duties. Workers’ compensation may even require the employer to find secondary or lesser duties for the injured worker.

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Our Los Angeles auto workers’ compensation lawyers are known throughout the region for being legal allies for the injured employees in all industries and fields. Autoworkers who have been seriously injured on the job can come to us for claim guidance from day one, right up to the conclusion of their case. Using our extensive legal experience – backed by millions of dollars secured through settlements and verdicts – we will do whatever it takes to make certain you are comfortable and well-treated after a workplace accident. Reach out now to learn more.

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