3 Reasons Discrimination Should Never Be Tolerated

Whenever we go to work, we expect that we will be able to do so in a peaceful manner where we can feel safe and free of problems. This is not always the case and there are times when discrimination arises in the workplace.

Along with a number of other situations, discrimination should never be tolerated in the workplace and employees’ rights should never be violated by an employer or another co-worker. Read on for three reasons that discrimination should not be tolerated.

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1. It Promotes an Unhealthy Work Environment

Culture is often a big thing in the workplace and employees want to feel that they are respected and valued. When discrimination exists, it shows that there is something wrong with the culture of the company. This may often lead to individuals working less effectively.

A healthy and safe work environment encourages employees to go above and beyond for their company. If they feel as though their work doesn’t matter because discrimination exists, it can be harmful to those within the company.

2. It’s an Illegal Act That Hurts Employees

Making decisions based on gender, age, sexual orientation, race, or even religion means an employer may be overlooking actual experience and skill. This discrimination hurts the employees who rightfully deserve promotions or to be hired, but are passed over because of the employer’s actions.

This may hurt potential income and abilities for employees.

3. It Goes Without Change if Not Reported

If tolerated, the act of discrimination is allowed to exist. Employers will be able to go without consequence and there may be future acts of discrimination against other employees.

By reporting these incidents and taking legal action, you can bring about change in the way at least one company treats these types of situations. Holding an employer accountable helps to end discrimination and keeps workplaces free of issues.

Understanding Your Rights as an Employee

As an employee, it is important to be aware of what qualifies as discrimination so that if any situations arise during your employment you can act quickly with the correct procedures. For example, if you find yourself being discriminated against by a supervisor or manager then you should raise a formal complaint within the company with HR immediately and document every time such incidents occur.

In case your complaint is ignored or mishandled, then there are other legal remedies available outside of the company that can help such as filing a lawsuit or seeking advice from an attorney. Knowing your rights as an employee is important to ensure discriminatory behavior is not tolerated.

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