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Slipping and falling may not sound serious, but it can lead to catastrophic injuries. When you experience a slip and fall, you may be the only person in the area, but that does not mean the fall was your fault or that no one else is responsible. Business owners, landowners, and others who open their property to visitors have a responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe for the people they welcome inside. When they fail to do this, they may be responsible for the injuries that result.

Holding another person responsible for the injuries you sustained in a trip and fall looks different from other types of accidents and can be difficult in some scenarios. However, a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer could help you manage your case and provide the legal advice you need in order to have the best chance possible of recovering fair compensation for your injuries. Reach out to our personal injury attorneys to discuss your case.

Causes of Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can arise from a wide variety of circumstances, including:

  • Spilled liquids
  • Food, trash, or other debris
  • Uneven or deteriorating flooring or sidewalks
  • Precipitation, such as rain, ice, or snow
  • Improper lighting or lack of warning signs

In any of these situations, multiple people or entities could be responsible for the condition. Depending on the context, this could include the owner of the building or property, the business owner, or the cleaning, maintenance, or repair personnel.

An attorney in Los Angeles could help an injured person establish the cause of their slip and fall accident and identify the appropriate person, or group of people, who were responsible.

What To Do After a Tripping Accident

After experiencing a slip and fall, it can be difficult for an injured person to know what to do next. They may be in shock or embarrassed, and they are likely in a lot of pain. However, the actions an injured person takes or does not take, in the moments following the accident could have an impact on their ability to recover compensation. It is important to be aware of some best practices following an accident, such as:

  • Reporting the fall to the owner of the building as soon as possible
  • Checking whether an accident report will be created and, if so, request a copy
  • Examining the area to determine what caused the slip, if possible
  • Documenting the scene of the accident and any injuries by taking pictures or videos
  • Seeing if anyone witnessed the accident and collecting their contact information
  • Keeping the clothes and shoes worn at the time of the fall; any traces of substances that were also present on the floor could be valuable evidence
  • Seeking medical attention as soon as possible – even if the injuries do not appear to be serious

After completing these items, speak with a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible. A legal representative could help an injured person understand their rights, the options available to them, and what their claim could be worth.

Call an Attorney in Los Angeles After a Slip and Fall

When you are injured in an accident, you will have a lot on your plate. In addition to recovering from your physical injuries, you may have been forced to miss time at work, pay expensive medical bills, and adjust to new limitations in your everyday life.

An attorney may be able to ease these burdens by fighting for your right to compensation. Schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer today to learn more.

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