5 Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know After an Accident

Whenever you have to deal with an insurance company after a crash, it’s vital to recognize your rights. Unfortunately, these large companies keep secrets from you to protect their own profits. Our team provides you with information on five things insurance companies don’t want you to know.

1. Adjusters Are Not Always Honest

Adjusters often know the situation already and have answers they believe to be true. During these times, the adjuster may try to push a narrative to get you to agree with them or accept a settlement that is much less than you deserve.

2. You Don’t Have to Sign Anything Without Representation

Insurance companies are quick to try and get you to sign paperwork, some of which can impact your rights to pursue compensation. They may say there’s a timeline on this and you need to return the signed paper by a specific date. However, you can review documents with your lawyer before signing anything to protect your rights and options.

3. You Can Have Legal Counsel to Protect Your Rights

Because insurance companies know that legal counsel gives you the most favorable chance of recovering compensation, they’ll often try to downplay the need for a lawyer. They’ll tell you it’s too expensive or the process is simple and can be handled easily, but this is not always the case.

4. Adjusters Look for All Ways to Pay Less Money

There are many tactics insurance adjusters try to use to diminish the value of your claim, especially when they know you’re in a difficult position. They’ll try to utilize your mounting medical bills and your injuries to get you to accept less to end the situation quickly.

5. Insurance Companies Are Not as Friendly as They Seem

Insurance companies and adjusters often try to play nice when they feel they have an advantage in a situation. However, if you bring legal counsel into the mix, you’ll quickly see that these large corporations are not as friendly as they initially seemed. Instead, they say they’ll focus on your compensation, but they’re really looking out for their own profits.

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