5 Things to Know Before Returning to Work after Workers’ Comp Ends

Considerations to Make Before You Return to Work After an Injury

When you are injured on the job, workers’ compensation can help to provide coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. Many people believe, however, that as soon as their workers’ compensation benefits end, they must immediately return to work. It is important to take your time and return to work when you are ready to avoid aggravating the injury.

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Here are 5 things to know before returning to work after workers’ compensation ends:

  1. Have You Fully Recovered From Your Injury?

Many people who are injured on the job may feel pressure to return to work as soon as possible. The fact is that returning to work too soon can be detrimental. A serious injury takes time to heal. Trying to go back to work could aggravate the injury, delaying your recovery or resulting in a need for more time off. 

Keep in constant communication with your doctor to determine when your injury or condition has improved enough that you can return to work. Do not feel obligated to return to work sooner than you should. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to provide coverage until you can return to work. If it is determined that you cannot return to work, you may be entitled to benefits through a different government program. 

  1. Do you Have Work Restrictions?

In some cases, a treating doctor may determine that you are able to return to work but places restrictions or limitations on what you can do. If your employer is unwilling or unable to adhere to those work restrictions, you do not have to return to work. It is essential to discuss your case with an attorney to determine all of your legal options. 

  1. Has Your Medical Condition Changed?

Another thing to take into consideration before returning to work is whether your medical condition has changed. If your injury has significantly worsened, you need to determine with your treating physician whether a return to work is feasible. 

  1. Is There Alternative Work Available?

While your injury may have improved with treatment, you may be unable to return to your former position. It may be in your best interest to find alternative work that can accommodate any of your limitations. 

  1. Have You Discussed Your Case with an Attorney?

Finally, you need to consider whether you have discussed your case with an attorney. An attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the maximum benefits allowed by California law. 

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