What You Need to Know About Pregnancy Discrimination

Understanding Your State and Federal Rights as a Pregnant Worker

If you are pregnant you are afforded certain protections under state and federal law. For instance, an employer cannot discriminate against you because you are pregnant. Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination happens all the time. Employers throughout Los Angeles frequently violate state and federal laws by treating pregnant people unfairly.

At Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP, we represent people who have been discriminated against or fired because they are pregnant. It is unlawful for an employer to treat a pregnant person unfairly or to terminate an employee for taking maternity or paternity leave. If you believe your rights have been violated because of your pregnancy, contact our office at (213) 232-4848 for a free consultation. 

Types of Pregnancy Discrimination

Individuals who are pregnant are protected by state and federal laws including the California Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA) as well as the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). A violation of these acts can result in liability and a valid lawsuit against an employer.

Types of pregnancy discrimination include but are not limited to:

  • Being fired
  • Being treated differently
  • Being demoted
  • Not being hired
  • Not being given accommodations
  • Not being allowed a leave of absence
  • Harassment
  • Having your hours cut
  • Being asked whether you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during a job interview

If you have experienced any of these acts of discrimination, you might be entitled to compensation. It is essential to understand your rights, including your right to a leave of absence. If you were fired or treated unfairly, contact our employment lawyers today for a free consultation. 

What to Do if You Have Been Discriminated Against

If you have been discriminated against while pregnant, you need to speak to an attorney. An attorney can help determine your legal options, including whether you have a valid claim for damages.

In general, an employer cannot deny you leave, pass you over for promotion, or ignore your requests for accommodations. Furthermore, they cannot terminate your employment or treat you unfairly because you are pregnant. If any of these occurred, you need to speak with an attorney. 

Your Right to a Leave of Absence

One of the most common forms of pregnancy discrimination is when an employer denies your right to a leave of absence. Several state and federal laws afford you the right to maternity or paternity leave.

Laws that protect your right to a leave of absence:

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • California Family Rights Act (CFRA)
  • California Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA)
  • California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDL)

These laws give workers the right to up to four months of disability leave per pregnancy. Failure to provide this leave is unlawful. It is important to note that these laws do not apply to all employers, so you should always consult with a lawyer to determine your eligibility. 

Hiring a Qualified Attorney

If you were discriminated against while pregnant in California, contact our office at (213) 232-4848 for a free, confidential consultation. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of harmed employees throughout Los Angeles. Call now to discuss your case with an attorney.




If your claim has been denied or your attorney has decided to give up, reach out to our firm for a second opinion.