Can I Be Fired for Reporting Sexual Harassment?

In California, most employees understand what it means to work for a company in an at-will state. This means that an employer can fire you for any reason related to performance, budget, and more. Similarly, you as an employee have the right to leave a job for any reason and without giving a notice.

However, there are state and federal laws that protect employees from termination for any reason associated with a protected class (e.g., age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.). Other laws exist to protect you from retaliation if an employer tries to fire you for reporting sexual harassment.

It’s Illegal for an Employer to Fire You for Reporting Sexual Harassment

Filing a sexual harassment complaint is vital if you ever experience this uncomfortable act. However, because it can impact your employer directly, you may receive threats of job termination if your employer is facing severe legal trouble.

Your employer cannot fire you for a complaint you file following sexual harassment. If they do, you have the right to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against your employer for any damages you may suffer as a result of their retaliation.

What Damages You May Recover

If you suffer from sexual harassment or the retaliation that may follow, you can pursue compensation for any losses you experience. For instance, you may recover lost income that you would have earned had you kept your job. If you want your job back, you may also receive reinstatement as part of your wrongful termination lawsuit.

It’s important to speak with a legal professional and create a plan that best suits your needs. You not only need to take action for the wrongful termination, but you must also pursue the sexual harassment lawsuit against the parties responsible.

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