Los Angeles City Council Advances “fair Work Week” Ordinance

Committee Clears Ordinance to Enforce Fair Workweek Policy

The “Fair Work Week” ordinance has cleared the Economic Development and Jobs Committee of the Los Angeles City Council. The ordinance would put in place several requirements for retail workers including more predictable work schedules and time off. If passed, the policy will take effect in April 2023, affecting retail businesses with over 300 people.

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What Protections Are in the Fair Work Week Ordinance?

According to NBC Los Angeles, the Economic Development and Jobs Committee has cleared the Fair Work Week Ordinance which would afford retail workers several protections. Similar policies have been passed in cities across the country.

The Fair Workweek Policy would require that retail workers be given:

  • Work schedules at least 2 weeks in advance;
  • At least 10 hours of rest in between shifts;
  • Good faith estimate of their work schedule when hired; and
  • One-and-a-half times pay for employees whose shift begins less than 10 hours from the previous shift.

The policies are designed to help retail workers obtain a more predictable work schedule. Violators of the ordinance could face up to a $500 fine per penalty. Nearly 3 years in the making, the ordinance will next go to the City Council. 

Why the Fair Work Week Ordinance is Important

The Los Angeles Fair Work Week Ordinance, originally proposed by Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr. in 2019, came on the heels of a study by the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). The study found that 8 in 10 retail workers had “unpredictable, last-minute, and fluctuating work weeks over which they have no control.” 

In most cases, retail workers received less than one week’s notice of their schedules. The ordinance would stop many of these practices, eliminating some of the inequities in the industry. Affected employers are companies identified as retail businesses or establishments in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) with over 300 employees globally. 

In addition to the initiatives listed above, the new regulations would remove the requirement that an employee finds coverage for a shift they were unable to work for legal reasons. Additionally, employers would be required to offer work hours to current employees before hiring new ones. Employees who have their rights violated should consult with a Los Angeles employment lawyer

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