Should I Speak With an Insurance Company Alone?

There are few things more daunting after an accident than speaking with an insurance adjuster. You provide them with all of the details of the accident, and then they tell you that they’ll reach back out to you after investigating the claim further.

California’s fault-based insurance system allows you to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. Because of this, you must know that while your insurance company may be looking out for you, the other driver’s provider is trying to protect their own profits. As such, there are reasons that you should never speak with an insurance company on your own.

Taking Advantage of a Vulnerable Situation

Many insurance adjusters speak with you in hopes that you’re unaware of your rights and what happens during the aftermath of a crash. They know you’re enduring physical pain and financial concerns, and they often use these feelings against you to get you to accept a less-than-favorable offer.

They may lie about your ability to receive more or how long you have before an offer is off the table. However, when you have legal counsel on your side to speak with the insurance, you’re protecting yourself from their actions.

Getting You to Admit Fault

Insurance companies who request recorded statements are doing so with their own profits in mind. Throughout the process, the insurance adjuster wants you to say something that they can use against you. The recorded statement is designed to keep track if you say something such as “I’m sorry” or any other admission of fault.

You have rights whenever an insurance company requests a recorded statement. In fact, you can direct the adjuster to speak with your car accident lawyer, who can help handle these matters on your behalf and protect your rights.

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