Top Road Dangers to Watch Out for

 In General

Many of us do not perceive driving to be as dangerous as it may be. After all, some of us have been driving for years without getting into one fender bender. But there are times, often unbeknownst to the driver, when an obstacle in the road could cause a serious accident. Here are some common road hazards every driver should look out for.


It’s easy to forget how much we depend on road signs to stay safe. Even the little arrows that warn us of hairpin turns have saved lives. But signs are sometimes missing, so you should drive carefully in unfamiliar areas and be wary of pedestrian crossings at all times.


Every driver should take extra precaution while driving in inclement weather. Individuals who live in warmer climates may not need to worry about severe snowstorms and icy roads, but they should still be prepared for the occasional sun shower.


Even if it looks like a harmless cardboard box, don’t run over it. You never know what could be inside. For instance, if it contains nails or glass, it could puncture your tires. Some debris is especially dangerous on the highway. Rocks falling out of dump trucks, hubcaps falling off of vehicles, and remnants of tires can cause you to lose control of your car.


Be careful in mountainous areas without guardrails — even a small drop-off can not only cause damage to your car but could injure you severely as well. Since cars are extremely heavy, they gain a lot of momentum on a fall and can hit the ground with extreme force while you are inside. Roll-overs can be especially deadly.


If your tire is weakened or punctured, you could have a blowout. In other words, your tire could explode. If this happens, do not attempt to keep driving. Pull over and seek help. A deep pothole can sometimes cause a blowout, however, swerving to avoid a pothole could cause you to run into another vehicle on the road. In this case, it’s best to slow down your driving to avoid the pothole.


Unfortunately, not everyone stops at a traffic light outage and it can lead to major traffic jams and accidents. Unless there is someone directing traffic, if a traffic light goes out, treat it like a stop sign.

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