As a worker, you deserve to feel safe within your workplace. While we are well aware that there are some workplaces where hazards may exist, you should never feel as though your health or safety is at risk because of a coworker or employer.

Unfortunately, there are some situations in which someone within your company may create a hostile work environment, making it difficult for you to do your job. In these situations, you should know what to look for and understand what rights you have moving forward.


A hostile work environment can occur in many ways, including the following:

  • Harassment: When you have one person or a group of people harassing you (physically, verbally, etc.) it can make for a very complicated work situation.
  • Bullying: Any kind of bullying can be seen as a hostile work environment, and it can be either physical or mental.
  • Dangerous work conditions: If an employer does anything to create a hostile work environment for you by making your work conditions dangerous, it can not only be difficult to work, it can cause you harm.


If you find yourself either suffering harm or otherwise mentally harassed in a hostile work environment, know that you have rights. You must make a record of whatever the situation is and speak with legal counsel to determine if your rights have been violated.

An employer cannot create a hostile work environment and put you at risk. When they do, you should know that you have rights to move forward.

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