How Medical Bills from a Car Accident Are Handled in California

What You Need to Know About Medical Bills After a Car Wreck

Many people assume that if another driver causes an accident resulting in their injuries, that driver will have to pay for their medical bills. Unfortunately, it is not usually that straightforward. In order to get the full and fair compensation you deserve, you need to consult with an attorney who can help you understand your rights.

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Who Pays the Injured Party’s Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

A common misconception is that medical bills are paid by someone other than the injured party after a car accident. Under most circumstances, a person injured in a collision pays to receive the care and treatment that they need to recover. If another person is found liable for the accident, then the injured party may file a claim for damages so that they can receive compensation for their losses.

If you have health insurance, your insurer will likely cover some of your treatment. You may still have to pay your deductible or co-pay. If you are uninsured, you may be required to pay out of pocket to receive medical care. Either way, the injured party is responsible for the medical bills they accrue unless another arrangement (such as a medical lien) has been made.

How Accident-Related Medical Bills Can Be Covered?

Initially, accident-related medical bills are usually covered by your own medical insurance. However, if another party is determined to be at fault an injured party can make a claim for compensation to cover their expenses as well as future losses. That said, if you are at fault or partially at fault for an accident, it may still be in your best interest to work with an attorney.

What If Someone Else Is At-Fault?

Even if fault is clear, it does not mean that you will receive money from the liable party immediately after your accident. Many times, you will need to receive medical treatment well before you receive a settlement from an at-fault driver or their insurer. You will either have to use your health insurance to cover the expenses or pay out-of-pocket.

What If the Insurance Settlement Is Not Enough to Cover My Medical Bills?

It is common for early settlement offers to be insufficient to cover all of a person’s medical bills. You should always consult with an attorney before accepting an offer to settle. Once a settlement offer is accepted, you will most likely be unable to receive additional compensation. This is true even if your damages (including medical bills) exceed the settlement amount.

By working with an attorney it can help ensure that all of your injury-related expenses are addressed and covered. Do not settle for less than your case is worth. Always speak to an attorney immediately after your accident.

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