Reporting Harassment and Discrimination

If you experience harassment of any kind of discrimination in the workplace, you have right to protect yourself as an employee in California. It starts with understanding the process of how to report the incident, who you report it to, and filing a charge. Reporting an incident is important because you may have limited time to do so, which could impact the outcome of your case.

Below, our Los Angeles employment lawyers will explain the various individuals to whom you should report harassment or discrimination in various situations.

Internal Reports

Who you report your harassment or discrimination to may depend on the party or parties involved. These are a few of the internal individuals you may file a complaint with:

  • Human Resources: You may file your complaint to human resources if your employer or supervisor is responsible for the harassment or discrimination. You would obviously feel uncomfortable reporting it to the person responsible or someone close to the responsible party, so the HR department would be the best option.
  • Your Supervisor: If HR has not been helpful, and your employer is responsible for the harassment or discrimination, your supervisor may be able to help with documenting the details.
  • Your Employer: If your supervisor is responsible or he or she has not improved your situation when a coworker is responsible, you can speak with your employer about it. They can take the necessary steps to protect you.

External Reports

Not only do you want to file a complaint within your company, but you also want to file a charge with the agency that oversees workplace operations in the state. You cannot take legal action against your employer if you don’t file a Charge of Discrimination with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Speaking with a legal professional can help you determine who you file your report to and what details can be essential to include in your complaint.

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers at Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP work hard on your behalf. We focus on righting the wrongs you endure and pursuing the necessary justice you deserve after workplace discrimination or harassment. Trust us to be your voice during this challenging time.




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