Common Causes of Electric Scooter Accidents

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As the electric scooter business grows, so too does the number of electric scooter accidents. With accidents and crashes rising to over 1,500 incidents per year, many users want answers. That’s why we’ve compiled three of the most common causes of electric scooter accidents.


Many scooter riders falsely assume that because scooters are smaller and slower, it’s safe to look at their phones. These riders should remember that they aren’t alone on the road. There are pedestrians, other scooters, and intersections full of cars between the scooter driver and their destination.

Scooter riders that use their cellphones endanger themselves and any pedestrians around them. When scooter riders crash into something, they damage whatever or whoever they impact. Riders are not impervious to damage; many end up with head and neck injuries.


Many drivers don’t realize how small scooters are compared to a car or even a bike. Scooters cannot handle potholes, unexpected drops, or even hard bumps. Hitting a road hazard of any kind often causes a scooter operator to lose control and fall to the ground at 15 mph.


According to a study from the Trauma Surgery & Acute Care center, nearly 40% of electric scooter accidents are caused by someone driving under the influence.

Many assume that they are safe to drive a scooter while intoxicated. However, riding an electric scooter requires greater balance and coordination than riding a car. A drunk scooter driver will almost certainly lose their balance and likely crash into something.

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